Hello there

Hi there,

I’m starting this blog mostly as a way to document my journey with the Tarot cards and Tarot reading for myself and others.

I have known the cards for some time but have only really gotten acquainted with them recently when a friend asked me to do a reading for her. I’ve always done intuitive readings for people in which I channel messages about people’s past, present and potential futures but for some reason I always was doubtful of the cards’ ability to help me during such a reading. During my intuitive readings, what usually happens if I close my eyes and turn inwards, and I ‘feel’ what is going on. The information then usually comes flowing pretty easily like waves coming in from a radio tower.

The Tarot, I have found, has been a good tool in making this channeling process more precise. It’s also a fun way of self-enquiry. The cards help to facilitate the communication process, and having something exterior to me kind of makes tuning into information about myself easier.

The cards definitely have a personality. They are at turns gentle, mocking, amused, cheeky and practical. When I draw the Tarot and I get impatient, they often give me the same card more than once, as a way of telling me to meditate on the first answer before demanding a second. Like drawing, intuitively reading and yoga, I feel like the Tarot can be a form of meditative practice for me. Since I positively hate sitting down and just meditating, I’ve decided to try and maintain a daily Tarot practice as an alternative. I will post my discoveries on this blog as I progress.

When I read, I do it in the early morning when my mind is clear. I feel like the dream world is still close at this time and I haven’t fully adjusted to earth-realm yet. I find it is easier to tune into the cards as I’m more impressionable at this time.

Usually, I also call upon guides, whatever positive forces there are to make sure the answers I obtain are for the ‘highest good’, so to speak. Then I read the cards, and I rarely do more than 2-3 readings at a time. I find by the end of the 3rd reading, I’m done and if I do more readings, the cards may end up confusing rather than clarifying things.

For today, I did a couple of simple readings.

The first question I asked was about a dream job teaching at an arts school in Singapore. This is the 2nd time I have asked about ‘getting a job’ and I know it isn’t a very smart question. Every time I ask the cards a question like this, it usually gives me advice on what I should be doing in order to get a job opportunity. This time, I got The Emperor twice in a row (I asked twice). I also got the strong message the cards were telling me to take responsibility. At the same time I got this card, my husband appeared and reminded me not to leave freezer bags open or they would turn bad, re-enforcing what the cards had just said. I laughed a lot at that.

The 2nd reading I did was about my relationship with my husband. Well, I knew what cards I would get for this already  but I wanted to test out how accurate the cards were in presenting me information about something I was already sure about. This is the result:

Past: The Judgement
This was not a surprise at all! We did go through an actual “Judgement” scenario many times. Judgement, in this case, was by our family when we returned home to Singapore. It could also mean judgement by a certain family member or towards that person by some higher divine power, since that person was the source of the lies that were spread about us (I’m withholding details just to protect ourselves from further malice). Either way, our past has definitely had ‘judgement’ as its main theme.

Present: 10 of cups
This card represents overall happiness and prosperity. Unity in the family (also true, because we won over my family), restoring harmony, delighting in your blessings. This isn’t really a surprise, again. I feel like there is a more earthy or material aspect to this card, however. It’s about physical and emotional stability, which has been the theme of our lives for the past few months or year.

Future: Queen of cups
This card is about spiritual growth. Having an open heart centre, having a telepathic bond with another, psychic growth, patience and sensitivity, spiritual oneness with the other and the universe. So I suppose it means we’ll grow spiritually in many ways. 🙂

The reading wasn’t exactly surprising and it confirmed what we already know. Sometimes, I feel the Tarot just confirms what you know intuitively. In the future, I’ll try to ask more creative questions, haha! I also plan to do just a daily reading and to read for others.

Okay, that’s about it for today. I hope you enjoy embarking with me on my journey through the Tarot. I trust it will be a fun one! I’m also open to reading the cards for people, so feel free to help me practice my abilities by writing me an email. 🙂

If you’ve read to the end, you my as well read the article I’ve written about how to use the Tarot. And leave a comment below if you’re also a tarot reader!


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