How the Tarot Talks

I find that, a lot of the time, people do not know what type of question to ask the Tarot. It is easy to fall back on seemingly “obvious” questions like “Will I get the job?” or “Will this relationship work out?”.

If you ask the above two questions, the Tarot will most likely give you non-specific answers. You might be confused as to why you got a certain answer, but it’s useful to bear in mind that the Tarot does not provide simple yes/no answers. Rather, it does give specific advice on the depths- the motivations, the intentions, the feelings- underlying a specific situation.

Hence, it’s important to realize that the Tarot always puts the agency on the querent to do the required actions in order for the desired outcome to manifest. This is the principle of reality, in a way. In order to gain what you desire, you have to actively do the work. However, I do believe that the intent is important, which is where the Tarot is useful: in knowing what to do, and usually it’s much simpler and obvious than what you made it out to be when you imagined the problem.

For example, I got the card “Justice” two times in a row when I asked the question “Will I get x job?”. What the cards were saying was that whatever outcome happened would be the best one. All would be right according to the law of the universe. Of course, this is the kind of frustrating “non-answer” most people would not want to hear. It, however, reveals the intent of the querent: why did they feel the need to ask whether they would get the job in the first place? Why did they rely on the Tarot to answer a question that relies on many factors that are, ultimately, the responsibility of the individual?

The second time I asked this question, I got “The Emperor” (again twice in a row). This time, the cards were lecturing me a little to take responsibility over my reality. This was sort of when I realized that the cards can give you insight, but they do not necessarily tell the future. They were, in a way, gently nudging me in the direction of taking concise actions in order to create reality as I wanted it to be.

So, that’s about it. When you ask a question, try to ask the Tarot how you can gain the outcome you desire rather than what will happen. The  Tarot does not predict the future, but map potentialities. It tells you what could happen if you followed x or y path. In the end, however, free will is up to the querent. The querent has to use the power of their own will to make manifest the desired outcome.


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