Energy Predators and their Vampiric Kin

There is a worm at the heart of the tower; that is
why it will not stand.
Instructions” by Neil Gaiman

I can only speak for my own encounters, but I have lately tapped into some signatures of energy that some would call ‘vampiric forms’. Let me describe one such form (I use ‘form’ because I am making a separation between the Form this energy takes and the Person who is enabling this energetic pattern)…

It’s large, slippery, with no visible shape. Rather, it moves by seeping between cracks and crannies. Up close, it appears to be encompassing, like an immense cloud. When you get too near, it becomes hard to see around you because you are suddenly surrounded by fog. From a distance, however, it is clear that this entity has a beginning and end; it only appears to be omniscient because you are enveloped within its field. It smells to me of underwater things: a being of the unconscious.

Physically, it appears to me as an octopus that reaches out its many tentacles in order to cord many to itself so it can feed on the light of others without having to create on its own. If it were creative, it would only be capable of regurgitating the stories, plot lines and teachings of others. It is not capable of creating original content because it is unable to come to self-realization. It is too far from the light to transform dark into light (the alchemic nature of the creative process), so it feeds on the realizations of others.

It has a base of some sort, situated in one stable location. I feel that strongly. It cords beings to itself so it can be immobile and survive, barely, feeding on those who are psychically ‘tasty’- often, creative, beautiful beings full of life-force and purpose. Often, they are young, creative girls. But, then again, this depends. This is just the pattern I have observed from this particular being I was tapping into.

It loves to use the fears of its prey against themselves. If you have a background of religious indoctrination, it uses your repressed hungers against you in order for you to define yourself based on it and its ‘mythology’ (often, a patchwork of beliefs stolen from various sources). If you have doubts, it throws them back at you, telling you the shadows you see in them are shadows that exist within you, thus disentangling themselves from any responsibility that they are the problem. The most important thing for it is to make you co-dependent upon it, so it can continue to feed. It will tell you lovely, beautiful things about you to feed your self-esteem. But it will also tell you that you are free to leave, that it respects your needs and boundaries. It needs you to feel good about yourself so it can prey on your deepest fears and insecurities, because it needs you to survive. You do not realize it, however, because it makes you think that you are the one growing and learning from it.

The danger for such beings is that, up close, it is so easy to get lost in the labyrinth they create for their prey. It’s far too easy to take the bait, because what this creature promises you is fast and easy spiritual /soul growth. Feed upon my nectar and dance with me forever, as they say in the fey realm. That is why there is that warning in fey folklore that you should not eat or drink so as to avoid being shut away from the mortal realm for a long time. So, don’t.  Because if you do, then extrication is a painful and hard process in which you have to find yourself all over again from scratch, in order to rebuild the psyche from the shards you had taken apart to feed this monster.

The Chapel of Bandaged Moon

But what do you do if you take the nectar? What happens if you eat the faerie food? Healing is long, hard, but infinitely more profitable because the wounded self is a self on its way to further revelation and growth. Pain is a great teacher, but only if you let it teach you and do not linger on in suffering, because that is another trap. In my opinion, it is better to extricate yourself, to create for yourself an identity of your own rather than let someone define you for you, and these creatures will insist they are empowering you by telling you sweet things about yourself (and even if they are true, they are motivated by an exterior agenda in order to get you to feed. Do not be deceived!). It’s easier to come to your own power, to find your own inner resource.

Healing is worth it though. I strongly believe it, and all that is needed is a commitment to heal! Many things help. LaVaughn Slaven, a Facebook healer-acquaintance of mine, mentioned shamanic soul retrieval as one possible strategy. But I also think old-fashioned talk/writing therapy help, as well as many physical modalities and bodywork. An example would be yoga, which can help make you aware of auric holes and leakages in your own energetic field, while in turn empowering you by making you consciously heal through the creation of intention. Talking and writing also helps you to articulate a narrative based upon your journey and healing, so the injured self can slowly come back into being.

I used an analogy in this blog post, mostly because I wanted to articulate a certain vampiric archetype. Usually these figures are in disguise, sometimes they are successful or failed filmmakers, musicians, artists (there are elements in certain industries that enable narcissistic dynamics). A lot are in the New Age community (because there are so many curious beings hungry for soul-aid and quick fixes that exist there!). The thing is to stay aware, to realize you are your own unlimited resource.

All the answers are already within you, if you tap into it. This is easier said and done, but I argue that all creative practices empower the individual towards this realization, because by creating, you are also strengthening your soul’s connection to its higher self, towards its own resource.


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