The Anatomy of a Shadow Queen

grotesque girl.gif   Lately, I have been part of a kind of cult recovery group on Facebook and through it, I have met many intuitive, smart, sensitive, empathetic and genuinely ‘light’ people: what you could call light workers. I also found out many of them had gone through similar early-childhood-and-after narcissistic abuse from family members, particularly narcissistic mothers. I had no idea that things I had experienced all my life: selective mutism, triggers over the silliest things, shut downs of the rational brain during any remotely ‘crisis’ situation, the inability to process certain memories without breaking down… They were things that those who had gone through similar things experienced too.

The group I am part of is part of a collective of people who gathered together to dethrone a renowned Shadow Queen (whose name I will not mention because it makes me feel dirty); a shadowy entity-type figure mostly interested in keeping people trapped in their own shadows and trauma so they are trapped in a Circle-of-Hell-style-type nightmare, so she is able to feed upon them. I have mentioned this idea in my previous blog on Sleep Paralysis: that there is always a danger when assimilating trauma that you get trapped in one moment that stretches out into an eternity and you block all exit points. Your Shadows become your Reality, and the only way to get out at this point is for someone or something to pull you out into Light so you remember a waking realm even exists.

I was really apprehensive initially about doing a ‘reading’ on the Shadow Queen because of the clingy nature of her energy. There have been many before me who have tapped into her energy or spoke with those harmed by her. The shaman Jordan Lavigne mentioned that he saw her cording many people to herself. My friend A and J both mentioned too that they saw similar cording happening. Cameron speaks about it over here if you are interested in reading her experience with it. After talking to J, I found a way to access her energy without coming into direct contact. Here is what I found…

Hers is a shadowy cloud, very big but dispersed. I feel like many tendrils come out of it. Unlike the vampire figure I mentioned in my blog about Energy Predators, her cords were not tentacle-like but more like threads. They aren’t strong at all, but rather weak and really grabby. It is as though they sniff out the vulnerable and snag them in, like a bait. She baits people to feed upon them, and they come like moth to flame.

The main characteristic of Shadow Queen’s energy is its “snagginess”. She grabs and hooks things to herself, but she is not very strong herself. Her energy comes across to me as weak and desperate, like a drug addict craving its next shot. I feel like that because she herself had experienced some kind of (possibly narcissistic?) deep wounding in the past, her soul has festered and dark entities flock to it like maggots to a corpse (ironxxxholic-1-watanuki-kimihiro-youkai-angryic because she mentions in her fake Satanic Abuse Narrative that she was sewn into a corpse). I feel like her energy is almost like a flock of dark entities encompassing a dark cloud. If you poke a finger into it, it disperses. But since it thrives on secrecy, it dodges every bullet you try to plant into it by creating new lies and deceit. Its technique of ‘combat’ is the creation of further lies, miring it deeper into itself. The actual human in this energetic pattern is essentially a little seed in a mass of dark cloud. A lil like the entities in xxxHolic (seen above).

  The snag here is that Shadow Queen has managed to ensnare a shitload of people towards her, mostly by shielding them from the light completely. She thrives solely on ignorance and fear, and she finds people at their most vulnerable to shine a ‘false light’ upon them so as to trap them in their shadows (or, as I recently got informed, shadows she creates for the purpose of trapping people in nightmarish dimensions where they can give her their life force). Gigi talks about the ‘false light paradigm‘ in her article on black magic:

“The false light paradigm is not just words or an idea it is an actual physical place within the 4th dimension that mirrors a basic understanding of divine energy with specific distortions that keep it from actually being divine. These well placed distortions ‘trick’ individuals into funnelling their energy (thoughts, feelings etc) into the false light structure providing food to the beings within it. For example, an individual consciously or unconsciously plugged into this system will give truths but also a bunch of distortions laced in. Their goal will likely be to gain as much power as possible with very little personal responsibility, as personal responsibility is, well, hard.”

Now, all this sounds really dark, but I feel that as an intuitive, I have a responsibility to freudian-gatewaybring light on this issue in order to bring my own perspective to it. The Shadow Queen actually isn’t a very strong creature at all. She works through sheer numbers, preying on the ignorance and fear of our times. In our present climate, it’s quite easy for her to operate because so many people are trapped in Shadow, oftentimes Shadow of their personal devising. This is what I call the Victim Trap: when you falsely identify  with your own victim-status so it become You and thus, you also shut down the possibility of self-growth because it’s not possible to create an identity outside that of being a victim. But, as a result, you also become trapped in your own trauma and you can only see reality from the fog of your own wounds, making healing doubly difficult. Now I’m not saying it is wrong to be a victim (one has to be in that state to move through it), but making it your identity can have no-so-pleasant consequences for your growth and healing precisely because it shuts down the possibility of a healing path: how do you heal when you’ve defined yourself by Shadow?

Shadow Queen, being the epitome of the Eternal Victim, takes advantage precisely of people who are in vulnerable spots so as to be able to drag them into this trap, so they can feed exclusively on her. And she does this through complex pity plays. Ironically, she has painted herself as the Ultimate Victim in order for her to be excused of the boundary infringements and various ‘spiritual crimes’ she commits.

f169b99e2a321e524432f9b628b9059e I asked Tarot what was the theme for today and it gave me The Tower. I feel like it was directly referencing this post and the rise of dialogue from this ‘shadow feast’. One main characteristic of Shadow Queen’s energy is that it thrives upon lies and secrets. Like the Tower, it falls once upon being revealed to light. I feel this is very important. She doesn’t truly have power. Rather, she thrives by keeping her followers fearful and stuck in their place of victimhood.

So that’s that. I feel like I had to write this point at some point to give my perspective on a rather controversial figure, especially since I’ve been dialoguing with those involved in bringing her to light. As an intuitive, I sort of feel a certain responsibility to do this. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and do share what you see- those of you who know who I am talking about. 🙂

Note: The title ‘Shadow Queen’ was mentioned by Lucie in her blog post. Do give it a read if you want an insider’s POV on this person. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Shadow Queen

  1. wordsofalicengrey May 19, 2017 — 2:18 pm

    Thank you so much for this blog post! I was trying to find something new to call her, since using an energy vampire’s name has the effect of strengthening their cord-connection to you (and someone else’s suggestion, “Turquoise Duck,” wasn’t cutting it for me. Haha!). I do feel that she corded me but I’m in the process of cutting it. Personally, though, I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of being any type of royalty. So I think I’ll call her Shadowmancer instead.


    1. homingtheheart May 19, 2017 — 3:32 pm

      You’re right about her being more like a plastic Queen, hahaha! I *thought* I was borrowing Lucie’s term “Shadow Queen” but I think I might have misremembered, haha. Perhaps we can agree to call her a Wannabee-Queen, 😛

      It’s funny, because I did this blog post around the same time another two friends of mine were dealing with ‘personal cult’ figures. One of them was an obvious narcissist who told one friend he was her twin flame, saviour, etc *rolls eyes*. The other a B-movie filmmaker with a secret harem. Sigh. Do i attract people who are similarly cult-prone? Who knows. Anyway, the other post may be one you’re interested in:
      And of course my cough WannabeeQueen Dream:

      I’m not sure if she corded me at all, but I did feel the most powerful effects of her shadowy-murky-shit (SMS) when I was in a really dark almost psychotic place in Japan. She amplified the shadows that existed and made it much harder to recover back to sanity. If I had not been watching Teal SMS, recovery from that little insane phase would have been much accelerated. Seriously, her messages of “Feel it ALL even if it’s the darkest shit” is not exactly sound advice when you’re already mentally close to falling off the edge…


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