Grounding the Intuition: Using Tarot As a Tool for Self-Awareness


We often think of Tarot as an airy-fairy thing, but I feel like all forms of ‘spirituality’ need to be balanced by equal or stronger grounding, if not you become too ‘top heavy’ (to borrow the words of my friend J). All the information enters from your crown, but with no roots to ground it in physical reality.  If you do not ground yourself before doing any kind of spiritual work- be it intuitively tuning in, channeling or Tarot- you are likely absorb all in without filtering. You will not have the necessary guidance system (hint: your intuition) to be able to discern what’s light or dark, well-meaning or misleading. You will be like a baby on a cruise around the world into unforeseen lands with no tools to be able to keep yourself alive, so you accept the help of any traveler on the road.

  That is why I think intuition training is very important. It trains you to rely on yourself as the source of truth. Once you have a strong intuition, you are free to explore the Outer Lands of the other dimensions while remaining true and grounded to yourself, without giving yourself away. For this reason, I feel that using ‘spiritual’ tools for menial and mundane reasons is a very good way to ground your intuition in daily realities. There are many ways to do this, be it daily meditation (and I don’t mean using meditation as escape but just being present in your body), yoga (moving meditation: your body exists!), eating well (again, your body needs to be fed), etc.

One other example is using the Tarot as a tool for self-awareness, which is something I have been doing in the past few days. I noticed that the Tarot often gave me advice on something I needed to work on at that present moment, right there and then. It helped me to develop self-awareness of my body, mind, moods, so I could actually have the tools to be able to navigate my own ups and downs a little easier. Let me give you an example of how I used Tarot in the past couple of days…
cups12maj124th of November
Theme: Knight of Cups
Advice: Hanged man

I was feeling a little emotionally turbulent because I was PMS-ing quite hard. Usual seed-like insecurities and mind-teasings drove my anxiety into full haywire, although I still felt a little distance from them. I didn’t really take my anxious thoughts seriously (there was a veil), so I was fluctuating in-between one pole and another. Knight of Cups epitomizes this: the knight is always rotating between two extreme emotional states like a pendulum. The Knights suite married to the Cups suite represents, for me, the impetuous of knightly energy with the failure to emotionally regulate.

  In this light, the cards gave me The Hanged Man as advice, which was a signal to take quiet space to meditate and contemplate where I was at that present moment. In other words, to gain some distance between the chaos in my mind by tuning into the stillness of my body. I did try to do it and it helped!
5th of Novemberpents14pents12
Theme: Knight of Pentacles

Advice: King of Pentacles

Today, I was all over the place in my body. What with my late period and my flu, I was feeling rather impetuous in a physical way, if that makes sense. So, when I saw the Knight of Pentacles, I felt I couldn’t have drawn a card that exemplified more of how I felt at that moment. I also found it cute how I got King of Pentacles (the card of abundance: I have everything I need already). It was as if they cards were asking me to find balance: “Stop being so rash like the knight, but think of yourself as a king possessing all you need”.

As you can see, Tarot is not necessarily unfathomably esoteric, but can also be rooted in day-to-day necessities. Personally, I feel that what matters most of all is the Here And Now. After all, if we get too caught up in ethereal concepts and realities- notions of how we are ‘zoomed out’ on a cosmic level- we lose vision of where we are in this earthy reality. As a result, there is the danger of neglecting ourselves and the people around us in lieu of  chasing this grandiose vision of the universe and hence falling into the abstract realm where people are concepts to affirm your vision. The thing is, the esoteric and the cosmic lives in every cell of our body, and the work of grounding our intuition (and Tarot is a good tool for this) actually strengthens the heart space. It trains us to listen to our hearts and act outwardly from that space: this is the real work of spiritual growth.

If you think of the whole of reality abstracted on a cosmic scale (as a thought experiment), why did we come upon this earth in the first place? It was to experience reality in all its fluctuations and inconsistencies. We did not come here in order to escape our bodies and minds for ethereal planes. I think, rather, that there is a beauty in the wreckage, in the process of placing ourselves back together from the pieces we shed all throughout our timelines. Perhaps, the process of piecing-together is also an act of creation in which we grow towards wholeness and come to be more like ourselves. 

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