Where Do We Go From Here?

Yesterday, my friend Justine offered to do a reading for me about one’s soul, body and mind and the connection between these three elements. She asked me a few questions about which parts of my body I feel strongest, most emotions and most connected to and this made me reflect on the journey my spirit, mind and body have been on of late.

B-Dreaming under the lid .jpg  Spiritually, I feel more like my body, mind and heart are aligning and effortlessly communicating. Physical blockages in my body are opening up, and I feel this almost like an expanding and opening up of a flower so I am less tense all the time or in a state of high alert. I have much less anxiety or moments of feeling resentment for being embodied that come ‘out of nowhere’ as they did last year. Nothing comes out of nowhere, however, and the anxiety, depression and ‘irrational worrying for days’ was directly tied to the toxic relationships I was tangled in at the time that were draining my energy in a way I had not realized. After going No Contact, however, this fog lifted and I felt an airiness in my body. It would take a couple of months for me to truly feel the positive effects of this seemingly simple action, but I could already feel what felt like the beginning of healing. In a way, by setting clear boundaries about what I was willing and not willing to deal with, I was sending a clear message to the universe about the kind of energies I wanted to foster in my relationships and creative practice. Thus, things flow easily.

This shift happened gradually. I am not sure if there was a direct catalyst; rather, I see it more as a gentle flow. On a particular day, I would feel the urge to set clear goals, to send out applications for my art. On another, I felt the urge to organize my space or to create. Upon my husband’s suggestion, I created a daily to-do book which I could scrape off each day to make a new one, which also helped me to make concrete what I felt I wanted and had to do. It made it easier to prioritize and the physical world more like a playground with elements to play with rather than a prison of needs.

onfire.jpg  I did have some set backs. Food poisoning hurt my body profoundly in January and it confronted me with my body’s physicality. But then, around the same time, I found a new friend when I made the intention to gain the weight I had lost rather than remain in stasis and period-less. I stopped my yogic practice but found others way of yogic living that were more based on fluidity. I found play in my relationships, rather than feeling I was driven to be the caregiver or provider of advice all the time to my friends. Each obstacle I faced was a little fire that purified each and every aspect of my life. In a way, each challenge has been a way for me to integrate parts of myself which were out-of-place so that my energy now is much clearer, my shadows dimmer.

Creatively, as well, I feel more curious and playful. My new colour explorations have brought me on a path that mixes both the strict discipline of my ink work and the playfulness of watercolour and dancing with water. This, in a way, reflects my soul’s overall journey and how I am coming to peace with the elements which I can and cannot change.

So, that is a snapshot of where I feel I am, and the cards Justine drew did reflect this.

Body/Mind/ Soul Daily Spread

tarot spread


Justine: “The first card we pulled is the direction that your soul is moving. What your soul wants you to look at- either moving through a challenge or manifesting a talent” and for this I got The Priestess. Etienne immediately made a comment that this image reminded him of Persephone‘s story: the descent into the underworld against her will and the growth she went through that eventually enabled her to rein queen of the unconscious, subterranean world. Sounds familiar in light of what I just described?

The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents the universal principle of intuition, independence, self-trust and self- resourcefulness. This is an androgynous figure that symbolizes balance.

From the naval up, the figure is all curved lines, soft, magnetic, yin, and receptive. From the naval down, the figure is all straight lines, strong, dynamic, yang, and assertive. This archetype serves as a strong reminder that we are not to sacrifice our strength for our softness or our softness for strength. The High Priestess with her sun/moon crown represents each person’s commitment to have equal balance in strength and softness.

This archetype of Brilliance also represents the journey homeward and the return to oneself. The camel within the oasis symbolizes the return to the inner oasis and garden within. The camel represents self-resourcefulness in its capacity to go long barren distances, yet always finds the oasis, the sacred water of Self.

wand-pnJustine: The second card (which is the middle card, representing the heart- which is what connects all three mind, body and soul) is the mind card. This represents choices, how you are judging yourself and others and your creativity and competitiveness.

Prince of Wands

The Prince of Wands is dynamic mastery of unlimited of creative expression which is completely inspired from within. The reins are casually thrown over the prince’s hands as a symbol of inspired creativity that is not held back and is free to powerfully express itself (the chariot). The Prince demonstrates self-trust and letting the creative process flow and not restrict or restrain it in any way.

There is focus, concentration and an intention to manifest one’s creativity which is shown by the contained fire within the chariot and a deep passion for one’s creative (represented by the unfolded flower in the Prince’s chest). With his phoenix wand and cape, he is committed to growing, expanding and transforming himself through the creative process. When one speaks about channeling information or getting lost in hours during a creative project, it is an acknowledgement of the inspired creativity they experience represented by this card.

Justine: The 3rd card is the body card. This is how magnetic you are, how you deal with lots of people, your environment, co-workers. “Is the body in motion to handle where the soul is going?”

The Sun

The Sun is the universal principle of teamwork, partnership and collaboration. The Sun depicts the life force and unlimited energy which is within us waiting to be used and expressed (the is represented by the cosmic dance of the two figures on the green mountain of creativity). It is the inner dance of male female energy which is within us which has has unlimited reservoirs of creativity.

Integrating and applying our creativity allows us to experience the unlimited aspects of who we are. The life force of the sun reveals our ability to be natural generators, motivators and stimulators within our personal and professional lives. We can bring the exuberance and consistency of the sun into our personal relationships (the dance of two) or into our organizational settings (the zodiac signs) .

Teamwork and group work is a transformative experience which requires trust and physical and psychological processes working together. All creative processes are a form of play and exploration. It is the divine child within us which is always seeking to express itself in unlimited ways. Like the Eastern blossom which faces the sun, our basic natures are unfolded and revitalized within each creative process through the dance of dynamic and magnetic expression.

All explanations are provided from The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols. 

As you can see, the cards were eerily accurate in highlighting the themes I had mentioned of growth, creativity and assimilating shadows through the fire of creation. There is also a theme of duality and the dance of female male energy which I found interesting (androgyny), reflected also in my relationship with my husband and how he has been helping me to ground my creativity in tangible ways so I do the actions needed to get the right result (ie. making lots of applications, getting accepted as an Artist by the Canadian Council of Art so I can apply for grants, making to-do lists etc).  They seem to suggest that only with the balance of dualities will progress be made, and that is a process that is happening.

Overall, I am quite optimistic about the future and what it has in store! Going no contact was one of the best things I have ever done, as it set a clear line between what kind of shit I was willing or not willing to deal with not only in my interpersonal relationships, but also in my old circles of friends. This year has been a year of ‘clearance’ in which friendships that were toxic have burned away naturally or shifted to another plane, and new friendships that feed my creative fire have been kindled and brought to life. Life seems suddenly like a playground of limitless options and opportunities, and I’m keen to play those cards!

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  1. Fascinating. Simply fascinating, in regards to my very own situation… Synchronicity, maybe?

    On Apr 13, 2017 13:18, “Homing the Heart: the Intuitive Path of a Space Kitten” wrote:

    > homingtheheart posted: “Yesterday, my friend Justine offered to do a > reading for me about one’s soul, body and mind and the connection between > these three elements. She asked me a few questions about which parts of my > body I feel strongest, most emotions and most connected to an” >


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