Twin Souls and Soul-kin: a grounded perspective

  When we hear the word 'twin flame' or 'soulmate', we usually romanticize about a person who completes us, so we do not have to do the dirty work of healing ourselves. In reality, soul relationships always involve either some kind of unresolved karma or, in the case of twin flames, to an imperative healing-to-be-done. In a twin… Continue reading Twin Souls and Soul-kin: a grounded perspective

Grounding the Intuition: Using Tarot As a Tool for Self-Awareness

We often think of Tarot as an airy-fairy thing, but I feel like all forms of 'spirituality' need to be balanced by equal or stronger grounding, if not you become too 'top heavy' (to borrow the words of my friend J). All the information enters from your crown, but with no roots to ground it in… Continue reading Grounding the Intuition: Using Tarot As a Tool for Self-Awareness

The Anatomy of a Shadow Queen

   Lately, I have been part of a kind of "anti-cult" group on Facebook and through it, I have met many intuitive, smart, sensitive, empathetic and genuinely 'light' people: what you could call light workers. I also found out many of them had gone through similar early-childhood-and-after narcissistic abuse from family members, particularly narcissistic mothers. I… Continue reading The Anatomy of a Shadow Queen

Are you being a ‘Light’ friend or a ‘Shadow’ friend?

I have been thinking recently about what I will call "light friends" and "shadow friends". To put it bluntly, light friends are those who feed you, who you can give and take reciprocally so both your worlds grow in tandem. Shadow friends are those who leave you drained, who mostly take (or give only to… Continue reading Are you being a ‘Light’ friend or a ‘Shadow’ friend?